One of the iconic squares of the Hortobágy National Park is located in front of the Shepherd Museum. Hidi fairs are traditionally held in the square, which can be linked to the time the animals are taken out and collected from the fields. One of our jobs in the national park was to replace the existing sales pavilions here. In connection with the new, individually designed pavilions, the customer has defined 2 main strands. On one hand, based on decades of experience, our plan had to meet various functional criteria, and on the other hand, the spirit and uniqueness of the place had to appear in the new pavilions. In our plan, we magnified the patterns of the chariot irons and used them in a simplified, geometricized form as decoration at the front of the pavilions. And the wooden stick raster system placed in front of the pattern transforms the site-specific pattern into a modern image, thus combining the past and the present.

description: Hortobágyi Nemzeti Park - pavilion plans
location: Hortobágyi Nemzeti Park 
client: Hortobágy National Park Directorate
DESIGN: 2019-2020

INTERIOR ARCHITECT: Bianka Gizella Somkutas, Dorottya Répay
VISUALIZATION: Bianka Gizella Somkutas (Grafit Műterem Kft.)
photo: Grafit Műterem Kft.
archive photoes: Hajdú-Bihar megye népművészet. Szerkesztette: Gazda László és Varga Gyula, Európa Könyvkiadó, Budapest, 1989.


tender title: 

“Hortobágy - Világörökségünk a Puszta” tárgyú projekt {GINOP-7.1.9-17-2018-00024}