Heritage - Interpretation - Livability

The focal point in Grafit Műterem's projects is the context - a respect for built heritage, while invoking the best contemporary knowledge to create spaces satisfying 21st century needs.
In each cases we survey the past of the sites, and aware we integrate their traditions. This method, with the true intention to protect values, is the framework for our practice. We are ready to discover all potentials and to plan or to support the implementations with the real demands in mind.
Awarded with ICOMOS Prize in 2019, our architectural studio is committed to innovative ways of protecting and sustaining cultural and historical heritage.


Our designing practice is based on detailed research work and efficient coordination of the involved consultants and contractors with their many professional aspects. The conversation of old and new is a matter of great importance to us, and it is not confined only to architectural heritage and surroundings. Cultural background, natural values, present-day urban fabric, the function itself – they are always part of the story. They determine the framework that we consider together with our clients, getting the inspiration to create a livable structure that fits its setting organically.

Interior Design

Our studio applies the elements of art and design in its projects – for exampe, the planning process might be completed with graphic design befitting the interiors. Along with versatile solutions, continuous, open communication with our clients is essential to us. Working closely, fine-tuning the details and findig the perfect style together make a long-term value creation.

Heritage Consultancy & Management

Besides the research work for our own projects, we might provide support for other architects and individuals with a wide range of heritage services: historical and heritage building survey and recording, documentation of architectural history, architectural assessment, managing paperwork at competent authorities, restoration and construction planning, and coordination. Our references cover a wide spectrum of expertise in the field, including the renewal of a sacral space honored with ICOMOS Prize, the experience of editing the design code of a World Heritage Site, and scientific contributions regarding industrial heritage. We are ready to help private owners, managers of protected properties (condominiums), maintainers of church buildings and other inquirers.


Preparing accurate professional reports require immersion in the topics, searching in the architectural design archives, and having a reliable network of the best specialists helping our work. The aim is to deliver the most comprehensive studies both during in-house projects and in cooperations. The results, when necessary, can meet the requirements of the relevant legislation, with many archive photos and analyses, and very detailed information about the buildings, from the shaping of the plot to the most recent alterations.

Historic Building Recording

Historic building recording is a statutory document listing the protected values of heritage buildings, which may be prepared only by an officially authorized entity. As part of the the professional preparatory work before any kind of restoration or remodeling, its purpose is to register each and every elements of the building, to record their condition and to highlight the parts to be preserved. Grafit Műterem prepares valid, legally appropriate historic building recordings for in-house projects and for external clients, with the contribution of Gergely Nagy, PhD, monument preservation specialist.


The law regarding the built environmental restructuring and protection matters, obligated all local governments of Hungary to have their own design codes (guidelines for architectural and urban design) by the end of 2017. Our studio prepared altogether 6 documents, one of them for the village of Hollókő, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Besides systematising and delivering detailed information on the traditional characteristics of the settlements, design codes also shape the attitude of the public. So we seeked plain, valid and good quality solutions to be shown through them.

Industrial Heritage Protection

Utilization of old factories and finding new functions for them aren't just matters of architecture. Their recognition as values is a matter of serious economical, sociological, environmental and political decisions, however architects have key role in the positive social impact.
This specific field inspires us with its many unusual points of view, social connections, aesthetic codes and innovative potentials. We track trends by such Hungarian and international rehabilitation programmes as KÉK Shared Cities or the heritage management of Csepel Works, and we are pleased to be involved in forward-looking industrial heritage projects.