The restoration documentation of the facade of the Baroque Revival mansions, part of the protected Budapest Inner City cityscape, was a joint work with BZS50 Műterem. After surveys, a detailed valuation documentation and restoration plan was prepared. Each ornaments of the extremely richly decorated building appear meticulously drawn in it, making it possible to understand the scales of categories from essential repairs to future prospects. The latter also refers the rebuilding of the long gone two-storey high, monumental tower.


description:  Protected Historic Facade, Sütő Utca
location: Sütő utca 2. - Fehér Hajó utca 16., Budapest
client: Belváros-Lipótváros Vagyonkezelő Zrt. 
DESIGN: 2020

general planning: BZS50 Műterem
lead architect: Galina Zoltán, Piroska Varga DLA
architect: Marcell Gergely Horváth, Borbála Papp 

laser scanning: Attila Fekete , Photo.mertic Kft.
structural engineering: Zoltán Miklós , Privaterv Kft.
photo: Attila Fekete, Google Maps 

archive photo: 
archice image: Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Könyvtár

archive image: Fortepan 



Egy neobarokk bérpalota homlokzatfelújítása. Octogon 2020.10.01.