The newly designed reception area in the foyer of the Hortobágy National Park Visitor Center includes several functions. The design of an information point and shop section was the need of the customer, which was supplemented with luggage storage facilities in view of the high traffic. Upon entry, a curved, uniquely designed info desk awaits visitors, where they can not only get information, but also purchase tickets. The info and shop part is connected by a series of uniquely designed furniture, which functions as a clothing and luggage storage area at the information part, and then extends into the shop part and becomes a unit suitable for storing products. Some elements of the Visitor Center, such as the floor, had to be preserved, so the colors of the individual furniture designs had to be adjusted to the shades of the remaining elements in addition to the natural colors.


DESCRIPTION: Hortobágy National Park - Information and Shop area plans
location: Hortobágy National Park - Visitor Center
Client: Hortobágy National Park Directorate
DESIGN: 2019-2020

general: Grafit Műterem Kft.
lead interior architect: Piroska Varga DLA
interior architect: Bianka Gizella Somkutas, Dorottya Répay

electrical installations: Két Turul Bt.
visualization: Bianka Gizella Somkutas, Dorottya Répay, Marcell Gergely Horváth (Grafit Műterem Kft.)
photo: Grafit Műterem Kft.


tender title: 

“Hortobágy - Világörökségünk a Puszta” tárgyú projekt {GINOP-7.1.9-17-2018-00024}