Resting Place near Jászdózsa

We made suggestions for the touristic development of a Bronze Age and Árpád era archaeological site discovered near Jászdózsa. From the site of geophysical surveys Kápolnahalom ('chapel pile'), one can get a glimpse of Mátra mountains on a clear day. For looking around and relaxing we designed a long, curved bench with some information placed right on it; another rounded main element of the installation refers to the chapel itself, and is complete with direction and distance signs.

DESCRIPTION: Resting place development near Kápolnahalom (Jászdózsa) archaeological site, concept
location: Jászdózsa
client: Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Municipality of Jászdózsa
DESIGN: 2018

LEAD ARCHITECT​​​​​​​: Piroska Varga DLA
ARCHITECT​​​​​​​: Zsuzsanna Szabó
VISUALIZATION​​​​​​​: Eszter Kocsik