Stairs of Fortuna Restaurant


The request of the management was connecting the rear terrace and one of the gateways at street level, while the entrance area remains clear of elements ruining the view of the old corridor. Our concept was to keep the stairs and the existing historic structures as distinguishable as possible. The six glass steps with the inox handrail don't interfere with the original character of the building – they rather float in between the past and the present.

DESCRIPTION:  Alterations of Fortuna Restaurant - interior design concept and construction plans of new glass stairs
location: Budapest
client: Fortuna Palota Kft.
DESIGN: 2016

lead architect: Piroska Varga DLA
architect: Judit Boda
graphic post-production: Eszter Kocsik
CONTRACTOR: András Hertendi, Ferroconstruct Kft.
photos: Grafit Műterem Kft