The Treasure Chest of the Puszta was created by remodelling craft workshops in the back wing of the Visitor Centre, by connecting them to support the new exhibition concept, thus creating a sequence of exhibition halls in colours of the steppe. The Treasure Chest of the Puszta exhibition focuses on the values of animal husbandry at the steppe, which provided the key material basis of the peasant and country town lifestyle. The primary exhibition theme focuses on presenting the role of traditional crafts in providing basic needs of life, complemented by an interactive investigative storyline. Working with the existing building and limited space, the walls were used as exhibition surface, highlighting an exhibit in each room.


description: Hortobágy National Park - “Treasure Chest of the Puszta” exhibition interior design execution plans
location: Hortobágy National Park - Treasure Chest of the Puszta
client: Hortobágy National Park Directorate
DESIGN: 2019-2020
completion: under construction

architect: TIM Tervező és Beruházásbonyolító Kft.
lead interior architect: Piroska Varga DLA
interior architect: Dorottya Répay, Bianka Gizella Somkutas

electrical installations: Két Turul Bt.
GRAphic design: Rezső Hódi
digital content, digital design: Xorxor - Gáspár Hajdu
curator, script writer: Mária Márta Koticsné Magyari
interpretative text: Piroska Nagy (Toborc Bt.)
experts: János Dani Dr. - archaeology, Mária Márta Koticsné Magyari - ethnography, Lajos Kozák - sustainable development
museum pedagogy: Réka Borzsák
graphic identity, infographics, information system: Rezső Hódi
collections care and conservation, restoration plan: Ilona Csilla Tóth
fire prevetion: Gábor Farkas
graphic post-production: Viktória Pálfy (Grafit Műterem Kft.)
photo: Grafit Műterem Kft.


tender name: 

“Hortobágy - Világörökségünk a Puszta” tárgyú projekt {GINOP-7.1.9-17-2018-00024}